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 "Loving God and Serving People"  Mark 12:29-31 

  ​​"We are committed to "worship, fellowship, and study together keeping our celebration of God's presence among us in the forefront.".
(Pastor - Rev. Stacy Cavanaugh) 

We invite you to join us to worship and fellowship at Westminster Presbyterian Church. We sincerely hope you receive a blessing. Our Sunday morning worship is at 10:00 AM. On 5th Sundays, we have a combined worship with some of the other Galena churches. This is held at the Center for the Arts at 10:15 AM. It is also our hope that you feel at home with us. We hope you return again. 



  • WHO WE ARE - We are committed to "worship, fellowship, and study together keeping our celebration of God's presence among us in the forefront.".  (Pastor Stacy Cavanaugh) 
  • Our regular worship service is at 10 a.m. in our church sanctuary with Children's Worship in the lower level during the worship service - from September through May. Children are in the sanctuary for the regular worship service  until after the Children's Sermon and prayer.
  • 1st Sunday of the month - On the 1st Sunday of the month we have communion. We welcome all believers to participate. 
  • 5th Sunday of the month - Combined Worship is held on the 5th Sunday of the month with 1st Presbyterian Church, United Methodist Church, Lord of Love Lutheran Church and Westminster Presbyterian Church. Services are at 10:15 AM at The Center for the Arts, 219 Summit Street, Galena, IL - lower level..
  •  Combined Special Services such as World Communion Sunday and the United Churches of Galena Combined Christmas Concert held at St. Michael's Church, Galena, ILon the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving at 7:00 PM.


We are conveniently located at 513 S. Bench Street. (See map later on site.) Our church and steeple can be seen from the highway and from the highway bridge. We are located just above the floodgates on Main Street. There is one step to get into the church building. Once inside there are stairs or an elevator to the sanctuary level. There are also a variety of parking options that include parking on Bench St, parking behind the public library located farther on Bench St (the library is closed on Sunday), Main Street, or the public parking lot just inside the floodgates. There are stairs going from Main Street to Bench Street a short distance from Westminster Church. One set of Stairs is in front of the library and the other is next to the parking lot on Main Street. So, there are a variety of ways to reach us and also a variety of options for parking.  See the Contact Us  section for a map and additional information.. 

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Galena, IL

No upcoming events.


2017 Thank Offering

Each month our church has a variety of events. Here are some highlights. Check the monthly newsletter for more details.

Pastor’s Note - Rev. Stacy Cavanaugh

   When we think of symbols of our faith, the cross is by far the most prevalent. In our sanctuary, we have a large cross hanging in the center front of the church, a medium sized metal cross sitting on the back table as you enter the worship space, and a small wooden cross by the fountain in the vestibule.  I have a small blue ceramic cross in my office that my daughter loves to pick up and carry around. You may have seen it occasionally in the fellowship hall or in her hand. The deacons and I give small cross-stitched crosses to people that we visit, and many blessings end with the sign of the cross.  

   A colleague of mine told the story of going to a mall kiosk to purchase a cross necklace for his granddaughter’s conformation. The young clerk asked my colleague if she could help him find something, and he asked if they had any cross necklaces. “Oh, yes!” the young clerk replied. “We have plain silver or gold cross necklaces, and we have silver or gold crosses with the little man on them.” My colleague, a Presbyterian minister and chaplain responded, “that ‘little man’ is my Lord and Savior.” The clerk admitted to being Christian, but not having any idea as to why some crosses where “plain” and others held the crucified body of Christ.

   For Presbyterians, our crosses are always empty. Theologically, this is because we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. As the Resurrection is central, the cross is empty because Christ has Risen. In fact, each of our Sunday worship services is a “little Easter,” celebrating the Risen Christ. It is why we do not count Sundays in our numbering of the 40 days of Lent and why our bulletins note that these are Sundays in Lent rather than Sundays of Lent. Other denominations prefer the crucifix or cross with Christ’s body on it because they stress the suffering of Christ for our atonement. Interestingly, when I was in Mexico and Guatemala for mission trips, the crucifix was much more common. When I asked my hosts about this, they told me that for them, it was important to remember that Christ was with them in suffering.

    When we gather together to celebrate the life of one of our friends who has died, the service is called the Service of Witness to the Resurrection.  We gather to mark the end of our loved one’s life on earth, as we look forward with hope believing that if we are baptized into Christ’s life, death, and resurrection.

   Many of you may have crosses in your homes, among your jewelry, or on bookmarks in your Bible. If someone were ever to ask you why you wear or display the cross, you will have the opportunity to witness to your faith in a profound way. With grace, peace, and love,  Pastor Stacy  

C.A.R.P. - Christian Association of Retired Persons from Westminster/First Presbyterian Churches

  The November meeting will take place on Wednesday, November 1st at noon at Catfish Charlie's Restaurant in Dubuque. If you plan to attend, please contact Pam M at pamela219@juno.com or at 815.218,2453.  As always, all are welcome!!  

  The December Lunch will be at the new Prairie Ridge in Galena. Plan to join us for this and other first Wednesday CARP lunches.

Mission Fund Offerings for the Coming Months

The Mission Fund for these 3 months are designated to go to the following:

October – Presbyterian Disaster Relief, 

November – a Veterans group, and 

December – The Mop Shop in Elizabeth. 


  Our annual Thanksgiving Harvest Potluck will be held Sunday, November 12, 2017, immediately following morning worship.   Everyone is asked to bring a dish-to-pass. Table service will be provided.   Sign-up sheets will be passed Sunday, October 29, and Sunday, November 5. The Church Life Committee needs to know approximately how many are planning to attend and what you are planning to bring.   Hope to see you then!! 

Monthly Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter has more details about our church life. These our available at church or through email when you request to receive these.



  The Mission work of Westminster Presbyterian Church is varied and active. Mission outreach includes our church, our community, our country and our world. Sometimes this is through planned annual projects. At other times it is spontaneous as when some members have gone to assist with the Presbyterian Outreach for flood victims and members have found ways to assist through special projects to meet urgent needs. There is always more information about these mission projects included in the monthly church newsletter. 


During the school year, our church has a Sunday School program. Children are in the church service until after the Children’s Sermon when they, and Sunday School teachers,go to the lower level for the Sunday School program. Children return to the sanctuary for communion, baptisms and other special events scheduled to include the Sunday School. There are also times when Sunday School members participate in the worship service. .


On this website is the calendar for our church. Events and activities are added as become known and repeating activities are already entered. One week at a time is shown but at the bottom of the calendar listing is a button for "More Events" that  you can use to see later dates on our calendar.


The PW Women's group is actively involved in a variety of projects many of which the whole church becomes involved also. Activities includ,e but are not limited too; the Apple Tree Project, Church World Services for school and hygiene kits, Thank Offering, Rummage and Christmas Sale, and Mission offering projects. 


Below are some details about some of the activities we have as part of our church life. Sunday School for children, Coffee Fellowship after morning worship, monthly CARP (Christian Association of Retired People) lunches with retirees from 1st Presbryterian, PW (Presbyterian Women), Weekly Men's breakfast, Souper Bowl of Caring and others.


The United Churches of Galena has many activities that bring the churches together to worship and grow in our Christian faith. Special Combined Services includes Lenten services, World Day of Prayer, United Good Friday Service, Shared Maundy Thursday service, Community Hunger Luncheon, Chili Cook-Off, World Communion Sunday, Pre-Thanksgiving Service, Christmas Concert, Ash Wednesday Service

Watch for details close to the actual event.

Churches now working with us on the Apple Tree project - St. Michael's Catholic and Lord of Love Lutheran.

Food Pantry - This group organized the Galena Food Pantry program.

  • DONATIONS: To work at covering different areas of need, each month have suggested non-perishable food items for donations for that month but any donations are welcome including food items and/or money. 
  • VOLUNTEERS are needed from the churches and the community to help with the work involved with maintaining and implementing the needs related to the food pantry. All work is done on a volunteer basis.

More About Us


  •   "We are committed to "worship, fellowship, and study together keeping our celebration of God's presence among us in the forefront.".  (Pastor Stacy Cavanaugh) 


  • Pastor: Rev. Stacy Cavanaugh
  • Financial Secretary/Treasurer: Helen Carroll
  • Organist: Carol Godwin 
  • Publication Coordinator: Position Available
  • ​Custodian: David Morales​


 Not long after the 1832 Blackhawk Indian War in this area, the first meeting that led to the formation of Westminster United Presbyterian Church was held. Westminster Presbyterian's roots go back to 1845.

  Below is a button link to a summary of the historic  timeline for Westminster Presbyterian Church church History.


  • ​​Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) ​- https://www.pcusa.org
  • Blackhawk Prebytery www.blackhawkpresbytery.org
  • Stronghold Camp and Retreat Center http://www.strongholdcenter.org/
  • United Churches of Galena is an organization of many of the churches in Galena and nearby. The minister and a representative from each of these churches meet on the first Thursday of every month (except July and August) to share with each other their joys and concerns and support one another in these.  They also plan and prepare for the shared activities such as World Day of Prayer Service, Good Friday Service, Thanksgiving Eve Service, and a Community Christmas Concert. For several years there has also been a multi-congregation Vacation Bible School at some time during the summer. The date, time and location of these special events are announced near the time of the event. Furthermore, there is also a shared provision for caring for needy individuals passing through our community.


  •   " How shall we walk by faith to serve the Lord?  Prayerfully seek the Lord's leading. AND 
  • Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."  ​2 Timothy 2:15 King ames Version (KJV)King James Version (KJV)by Public Domain 


CHURCHES -  The shared services are with Westminster Prebyterian, Lord of Love Lutheran, Galena United Methodist, and First Presbyterian.  

Location:   Unless specified otherwise in announcements, the location for the services will be at the Galena Center for the Performing Arts, Summit Street, on the lower level. 

Parking is available on the level or on the street level. This is in the former doctors' clinic building in the area that was the fitness center

Dates: The shared services for 2017 will  be: Jan 29, APRIL 30, July 30, September service will be on World      Communion Day, Oct 29, Dec, 31?Shared services for 2018 will be: April 29, July 29, September 30, and December 30.

Time: 10:15 AM 


GALENA COMMUNITY BUILDING GROUP - The Galena Community Building Group, which was an extension of the 2016 Lenten Sacred Conversations on racism, invites you to their meetings on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at Galena United Methodist Church. This group focuses on education about the plight of our non-white neighbors and advocacy for vulnerable populations within our city.
OUTREACH PROGRAM - The Galena Public Library has started an outreach program. Do you know anyone in our library district who has a library card and would benefit from having books, DVDs, etc, delivered to their door? This might be a person who has a disability or an emergency (at home caring for a sick parent or child) that make it impossible to physically go to the library and has no one else readily available to pick up material at the library. The patron needs to fill out an information form and a questionnaire of their likes and dislikes. Please contact Linda Klug -- Circulation Services Librarian at 815-777-0200 on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday at the Galena Library.  


Elders, Deacons and Committees

 We serve the Lord and our church members as well as our community with the message of the Love of God and His Love and Compassion for each of us.

 While our Church Leadership has the responsibility of the operations of the church, each of us is called to serve the Lord and share the message of His Love and Forgiveness. We hope you find a way to serve the Lord by being part of our congregation - as a regular or as a visitor.

For each board and committee, there is a monthly report in the church newsletter  Check these for current information about the activities of these boards, committees and activities of lay leaders in the church.


Elders and Deacons fulfill the functions and responsibilities of these boards and oversee the various committees and establish programs for the church. 

The SESSION (ELDERS) is responsible for the mission and government of our church. It receives new members, leads our participation in mission, provides for our worship and growth, challenges our stewardship, oversees our finances and property, maintains relationships with other church bodies and provides direction for program areas and activities. 

 ​​The BOARD of DEACONS coordinates the ministy to those in need, to the sick and friendless and any person who may be in distress. Ministries include serving communion at church and to shut-ins, overseeing our Circle of Prayer, volunteering at the food pantry, overseeing our coffee hour after worship, visiting and calling on those in need, sending welcome cards to visitors,  and birthday cards.


  The COMMITTEES play an important role in a variety of ways and areas as specified by the committee. The work of these boards and committees help take care of the business and spiritual functions of the church. 

 There are many ways to be involved in implementing the life of the church. Below is a listing of the current committees and a short description about their function. There is also a monthly report from each of the committees in the church monthly newsletter

  • The Stewardship and Interpretation Committee coordinates our giving of time, talent and money including development of effective ways to identify and present stewardship opportunities to the congregation.
  • ​The Church Ministry and Outreach Committee  is a sub-committee of the Presbyterian Women's group. It responds to the call for aid locally, nationally and internationally to victims of floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and famine.
  • PW (Presbyterian Women) members work on the annual Apple Tree project providing school supplies to needy local school children and on the annual Church World Service project meeting whatever challenge is brought to the committee, including School Kits and Hygiene Kits. This group makes sure that visitors are aware of opportunities to get involved with our various church programs. [Did they miss  you? Volunteer! Find out who to talk to about volunteering. OR, attend a PW meeting and volunteer there!]
  • The Worship Committee enhances the quality of our worship, including special services (e.g. Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday), choral and instrumental music, lay liturgists, e.t.c..
  • The Church Life Committee oversees social activities including Birthday Brunch, Sundae Sunday, Harvest Potluck, picnics and other special celebrations.
  • Personnel
  • Presbytery Representation
  • Property and Finance Committee has responsibilities that include the maintaining good use of our facilities and the use of our finances. This includes establishing the budget for the church and making decisions related to this. This committee reports to the Session.
  • Volunteer! Without being on a board or committee, there are so many ways that you can serve the Lord here at Westminster. Look for opportunities to do so. Don't wait to be asked! Volunteer! 


  Each one of us is a lay leader called to serve the Lord wherever we may be:  "But in all things presenting ourselves as the ministers of God,"

 2 Corinthians 6:4a King James 2000 Bible  

How may we enrich our service to help meet your needs?

What are you looking for to worship the Lord and grow spiritually? Talk to Pastor Stacy or someone else at church to see if there is a way we can work together on this.

Prayerfully consider how you may be able to serve the Lord at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

  "For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully."
​Romans 12: 4-8 NIV  


We hope you enjoy our site and that you will join us to worship and fellowship. Take a moment to drop us a line.


Would you like more information about our church? Do you have a prayer request? Do you know someone who is in need of contact with a clergy? Would you like to share something with us? You can reach us using with email the form below, by mail, or telephone. Our phone number and mail address are on this page. The church also has a Facebook account.

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Contact Rev. Stacy Cavanaugh: I will be at the church office on M-Th every week.   While I may be in and out for meetings and home visits, I will get any message that comes in at the church (815) 777-0973 anytime from Sunday after church through about 2:45 PM on Thursday. Between Thursday afternoon & Sunday AM, I can be reached at home (815) 776-0263 for emergencies and pastoral questions. I don't always check e-mail on Fridays and Saturdays. There is an answering machine at church & at home.